Integrated eLearning

The learning platform will have an early Brazil–centric roll–out. Spirit of Football Brazil, supported by Flex Interativa, is developing an eLearning curriculum that will be featured in regular workshops in public and private schools throughout Brazil.

“I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life working with technology and always involved with soccer in Brazil and USA. I really think the project The Ball can make a difference bringing optimism and hope for a youth in need of dreams. I want to be part of this journey.”

Fernando Godoy, Director, Flex Interativa, Sao Paulo

The programme will bring together educational, business and government organisations to support the programme and help adapt it to the Brazilian cultural landscape. The workshops aim to help students experience and learn in an interactive, creative and fun environment the importance of fair play, respect and teamwork in daily life as well as reinforce ideas of citizenship and welfare through education.

In partnership with the Freestyle Football Federation, Spirit of Football Brazil will implement the development of an interactive distance learning course about street soccer in the world. The objective is to bring together sport, culture and knowledge and make them accessible to all.

Our vision is that the fully–integrated curriculum will enable teachers, parents and schoolchildren to follow and take part in The Ball’s journey as it travels from London to Brazil — no matter where in the world they happen to live.