The Ball 2014

The fourth epic Spirit of Football journey kicked off on January 9th, 2014, from Battersea Park, London, exactly 150 years to the day after the very first game of football to FA rules was played in that very same park.

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What better way could there be to celebrate this momentous historical event than by kicking off the Spirit of Football’s pilgrimage to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the country that has taken to football like no other?

The Ball 2014 will connect people and organisations around the world with Brazil, the hosts of the World Cup, as excitement builds in the lead–up to what many believe will be the greatest ever World Cup.

We have chosen a Brazilian ball, designed and made especially for the journey by Pintando a Liberdade. It is a legendary social ball that unites people within nations and across borders around a common call to action:

One Ball, One World