Special Olympics

Special Olympics build communities for the 200 million people with intellectual disabilities around the world — and their families as well. Their goal is to awaken everyone — and every community — to each person’s common humanity.

Freestyle Football Federation

The Freestyle Football Federation is the governing body for the sport of freestyle football, promoting the sport as a natural approach to developing skill and staying fit. It represents regional and national networks of up to 100,000 freestylers and provides an information portal and social platform that connects freestyle enthusiasts worldwide.

Flex Interativa

Flex Interativa is based in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and is a specialist in interactive systems development, offering customers the ability to enhance internal processes and make communication faster and less bureaucratic inside and outside the company. Every project, every idea, every feature and every line of our work show their passion for the web and the dynamics and mobility that the internet provides.


GameChangers is a business communication and brand strategy company that uses improvisation techniques to help clients infuse their brand narratives into the marketplace. Clients include: Live Earth, Disney, Allstate, Kimball International, and United Airlines.

GameChangers collaborates with the Spirit of Football team and its partners to design improvisational brand strategies enabling them to Connect (generate awareness), Adapt (act on opportunities) and Deliver (realize objectives) on a global scale via their participation in the narrative of The Ball.

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Source: https://spiritoffootball.com/about/our-partners/