In 2010, DHL delivered The Ball by road and air from Senegal to South Africa. They ensured The Ball was present at events, organised cavalcades around cities, helped the team get visas and sent video footage and equipment to our partners in the USA and Europe. They also provided us with office facilities and internet access.

“DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa is proud to have been part of this initiative, to share our logistical expertise and support for The Ball and it’s representatives during their travels through 17 Sub Saharan countries. The bright yellow procession of DHL vehicles moving though Africa certainly helped heighten the awareness of The Ball.

DHL employees experienced first–hand what a great and worthwhile positive message the journey communicates to thousands of people from all walks of life; a message to break down boundaries and end negative stereotypes about people with intellectual disabilities.”

Phil Couchman, Managing Director, DHL SSA

Hundreds of DHL employees took great pride in helping The Ball along. Staff from different countries passed The Ball to one another across national borders. Some opened their homes to accommodate The Ball, while others were so motivated by their experiences that they have since volunteered with Special Olympics.

The Ball helped DHL build brand awareness throughout Africa. DHL staff met decision–makers such as the President of Zambia and the Prime Minister of Togo. They gained new customers and strengthened existing relationships. In Tanzania, for example, DHL recruited Zantel and Precision Air to work on the initiative and their participation in the football tournaments led to new opportunities with the Embassy of Brazil and the EU Commission.

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Source: https://spiritoffootball.com/case-studies/dhl-express/