The Ball 2010 was made in Kenya by the social enterprise Alive & Kicking. It was repaired and serviced at their stitching factories in Kenya and Zambia during its 138 day pilgrimage to South Africa. The Ball’s journey through Africa fulfilled the dying wish of Alive & Kicking’s founder, Jim Cogan, who requested that one of their balls make just such a journey.

“The Ball 2010 gave Alive & Kicking the opportunity to be involved in the greatest social journey a football has ever taken. In addition to the excellent work that the journey achieved in highlighting the power of football to bring communities together, The Ball gave Alive & Kicking a platform to show the world that Africa can produce top quality sports balls in fair trade conditions and the sense of pride at seeing The Ball arrive in Johannesburg in time for the World Cup was immense.

From a business perspective, the journey of The Ball allowed Alive & Kicking to make new partnerships and increase the enterprise’s profile. The advertising equivalent value of the editorial coverage around The Ball was worth well in excess of £100,000.”

Will Prochaska, Managing Director, Alive & Kicking

The Ball meets its maker

The Ball meets its maker, Bernard, for repairs and maintenance at the stitching factory in Nairobi. Alive & Kicking balls were donated by supporters of The Ball to Special Olympics projects throughout Sub–Saharan Africa.

As part of their PR effort, Alive & Kicking took the opportunity to commission a blog at FourFourTwo magazine to publicise their involvement. To read the journey from The Ball’s point of view, head over to “Football’s ‘Olympic torch’ sets off for Africa“.

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Source: https://spiritoffootball.com/case-studies/alive-kicking/