Christian Wach

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    Spirit of Football around the World

    If you live closer to Brazil or Germany than you do to England, you might prefer to […]

  • Spirit of Football is a not–for–profit Community Interest Company registered in the UK. The aim of the company is to establish the legend of The Ball by organising and making the journeys of The Ball from Engla […]

  • The “torch–like” journey of The Ball is the most important element of the initiative and is the narrative spine that supports the activities that surround it.

    The narrative of The Ball is shaped by those who p […]

  • During the 2010 journey, The Ball visited schools where thousands of children kicked, headed and signed it and learned about the Spirit of Football. In South Africa, we led workshops for children from 50 different […]

  • The Ball is football’s equivalent to the Olympic Torch; a legendary football and the star of the beautiful game. Every four years, it kicks off from Battersea Park in London, where the very first game of modern […]

  • The Ball 2010 was made in Kenya by the social enterprise Alive & Kicking. It was repaired and serviced at their stitching factories in Kenya and Zambia during its 138 day pilgrimage to South Africa. The Ball’s j […]

  • The Ball relays positive social messages in events held at venues such as schools, stadiums and partner projects. We have developed an entertaining and educational programme, honed through practice during the […]

  • We encourage people and partners to arrange events for The Ball in their local communities, whether in the World Cup’s host country or on the journey. Such involvement draws upon local knowledge and encourage […]

  • Spirit of Football is a not–for–profit community interest company dedicated to promoting a very special ball as the “star of the beautiful game” in the run–up to each World Cup. We call it The Ball.

    Th […]

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