Spirit of Football, in collaboration with the other members of “Cooldown – The Sport for Climate Action Network”, are hosting “The World COP” at COP26 in Glasgow. Everyone is invited!

When: 2-4pm Sunday 7th November 2021
Where: Toryglen Football Centre (near Hampden Park)
480 Prospecthill Road
G42 0BY


  • To bring people interested in Sports for Climate Action together, as well as those wishing to understand and engage further
  • To promote “Cooldown – The Sport for Climate Action Network
  • To develop plans for real climate action worldwide with Pledgeball and The Ball in 2022 and 2023


Fair Play Football round robin tournament facilitated by Spirit of Football

  • Small-sided (5-7 a side)
  • Randomly mixed teams made up on the day
  • All participants warm-up together
  • Each Game = 7-10 minutes
  • Each team to play multiple games
  • Respectful gestures, integrated celebrations, #JustForFun
  • Everyone is invited to play or support regardless of age, ability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, football club supported etc

Let us know you’re coming along

We would be grateful if you could register to let us know that you’re coming along.

To do this, we’re asking that you make a sustainable lifestyle pledge through our partner Pledgeball.

Register and Pledge

What quantity of emissions can the World COP players collectively pledge to save?

What is The Ball?

The Ball

The Ball has been described as football’s equivalent to the Olympic Torch. Every four years, The Ball kicks off from its “Mount Olympus”, Battersea Park in London, where the first official game of modern rules football took place. Its destination is the FIFA World Cup.

People often ask if we have a spare ball in case we lose the one we are carrying. “No,” we reply, “there is only One Ball and only One World, and we have to look after both”.

For 20 years The Ball has raised awareness of global issues. Now is The Ball’s moment to take climate action. Come and join us to launch “The Ball 2022/23” project!

Cool Down – The Sport & Climate Action Network

Cool Down is a growing global network of (currently 40) agencies and individuals united in their work to protect our world and our sports using sports platforms as a means to drive change.

Cool Down logo

Source: https://spiritoffootball.com/the-world-cop/